About us

The Company

In 1985, ELMEKAT started an upward course of specialization in the Crane Building & Construction of Steel Buildings. The continued growth of the company led her to transform her into "ELMEKAT SA" in 2003. Having a well-organized and tailored to the needs of the modern market, a network of specialized garages, ensures the best possible construction infrastructure, of superior quality. The company is staffed by the D.Kambouridis family and has: Department of Metal Constructions a. Buildings b. Multi-storey Buildings & Associated Structures Crane / Pillar Department.

"ELMEKAT SA" also undertakes every type of metal construction of a heavy type.

Quality of Materials

The cooperation of the company with the best suppliers in the field of metallic materials, ensures the excellent result & certifies all the standard specifications of its construction. The building facilities that ELMEKAT SA manufactures have excellent aesthetics. From detailed study & design, to quality construction & direct installation, the company offers complete manufacturing solutions.

Strong Collaborations

"ELMEKAT SA", with 30 years of experience in the construction of lifting equipment, has opened new paths in this field, honoring its direct cooperation with one of the largest crane companies, STAHL Germany. www.stahl.de)

"ELMEKAT SA" offers to its customers full service and maintenance influences as well as the provision of spare parts, of a good 1 year operation that accompanies the construction of each crane bridge.

It also offers a 5 year warranty for painting the construction. The range of construction covered by the company extends from Cranes, Pylons & Monorail with Steel and Chain Winches to STAHL Cranekits.

Service Warranties

All lifting machines manufactured by ELMEKAT SA are accompanied by CE certification and comply with all Greek and European regulations. The company offers to its customers complete service and maintenance services with immediate response, the supply of genuine spare parts and certification by an external operator, thus completing the 1 year warranty that accompanies the construction of each lifting machine. In addition, it offers a 5 year warranty for painting the construction